The Construction Licence of 3rd Unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

November 13, 2020
akkuyu 3.JPG

With the decision of the Nuclear Regulatory Board on 13.11.2020, Akkuyu Nuclear JSC was granted a Construction License for the 3rd Unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) finalized evaluations of the application of Akkuyu Nuclear JSC for the Construction Licence of 3rd Unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which was filled on 28.03.2019, within the framework of Decree-Law on the Organization and Duties of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Amendments to Certain Laws (No. 702). The Construction Licence was granted to the Akkuyu Nuclear JSC based on NDK Board's decision on 13.11.2020.

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