Authorization of Operating Personnel in Nuclear Facilities

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According to article 4, subparagraph c of sub-clause 4 of Nuclear Regulation Law No 7381 dated 05/03/2022, it is obligatory to obtain authorization certificate from the Authority for “personnel to take part in the activities determined by the Authority regarding the activities within the scope of this Law”

With the "Regulation on Organizational Structure and Personnel in Nuclear Installations" published in the Official Gazette No. 32030 dated 1/12/2022, the competence, training and qualification of the personnel working in Nuclear installations, the requirements regarding the organizational structure of the Organization and the procedures and principles regarding the authorization of the operating personnel is determined.

In nuclear power plants and research reactors;

• Reactor operator,

• Turbine operator,

• Senior operator

operating personnel must obtain an authorization certificate from the Authority.

Application Documents for Authorization