Application Documents for Authorization

Services (EN)

The documents to be submitted by the organization to the Authority for the authorization of operator personnel candidates are specified in the "Regulation on Organizational Structure and Personnel at Nuclear Installations".

The application for authorization of operating personnel shall be made by using the forms specified by the Authority in the second paragraph of Article 12 of the Regulation, including the identity and education information, exam results and information on health status for each operating personnel candidate. Application forms are shown below.

1. Application Form for Authorization Certificate for Operating Personnel in Nuclear Installations

2. Health Examination Form for Operating Personnel in Nuclear Installations

For the authorization of operating personnel by the organization, the relevant service/transaction fee specified in the list of Basic Goods and Services Fees announced by NDK for each fiscal year must be deposited into the Agency account together with the accrual number to be given after the application.

NDK List of Transaction and Service Fees